Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The public consequences of failure

This doesn't refer to putting your failure on show to the public. It refers to the potential consequences of running a business, failing and then having to resort to public funds to get back on track. Here is a letter written to a UK MP relating to such a situation - some of it may be tongue in cheek but the sentiment is real

Dear Honourable Member of Parliament

Ref: Delays in JSA / Housing/Council Tax Benefit

Following the closure of my business in your constituency at the end of July, I had to resort to claiming JSA & Housing/Council Tax Benefit on 7 August.

Letters have been bounced backwards and forwards regarding “additional information” due to me being employed by my own company resulting in a 2 month decision delay which I find excessive and insulting.

As a previously positive person who
· attempted to play an active role in the regeneration of your constituency
· tried to create jobs for people in your constituency
· has always taken my financial responsibilities very seriously
· has tried to limit my reliance on state aid to a minimum
· is a British national since birth
my circumstances are currently so bad that I am writing to ask for your assistance to determine the process for registering as a permanent benefit recipient or becoming non-British (legal or illegal?) in order to expedite my claim.

My primary reason for seeking your assistance is that the amount of evidence I am being asked to provide by JSA Decision Makers and by the Council implies that I have somehow constructed my current circumstances in order to rely on state aid. I am about to lose everything, including over £50,000 over my own money that was used to prop up the business and try to keep people in employment.

I would also be interested to know if there is a way that I can apply retroactively for my change in status. Additionally, I am sure that my new status would provide additional benefits that I am not currently aware of. If you would provide me with an outline of the process to change status (retrospectively if possible) and copies of the necessary forms, I would be most appreciative.

In addition, my financial difficulties are having a serious effect on my physical and mental wellbeing, which means that following advice from family & friends regarding the pressure of debts, I am seriously considering bankruptcy. Therefore, I, Your Constituent, currently being of sound mind and body, am holding You, Honourable Member of Parliament, Mr. DecisionMaker of JSA Decision Makers and Mr Finance of The Council Finance Department, personally accountable for all decisions regarding JSA & Housing/Council Tax Benefit and their part in any actions I take should my “wellbeing” deteriorate to a more serious state due to the financial pressure.

Yours faithfully
Your Constituent

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