Sunday, 17 January 2010

How do you recover from the dark places of business failure?

My business failed in August 2009 and I keep getting told that all the best businessmen and entrepreneurs fail at least once. Having read a few bio's of entrepreneurs, I don't doubt that is true but what I don't understand is how they do it.

Is it to do with
* age
* money
* family & friends
* skills

The answer will no doubt come back as "All of them and none of them - it's to do with YOU" but what makes up YOU surely affects how you can recover. Looking at my situation, I don't see how I am going to be able to recover
* no property
* no access to other finance
* coming up to the big half-century
* pending bankruptcy

I have resigned myself to having to get a job but with very limited career prospects due to a thin, wide range of skills, I'm not looking forward to where that will end up.

I know I have a lot to offer but can't see where and how which leads me into very dark places.

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