Sunday, 10 January 2010

Wriggling out of debt, justice and fairness

Simon Read opines that "Wriggling out of debt is not proper justice" in the Independent.

I can assure Mr. Read that if I was able to repay debts, I would. I was brought up to act responsibly in all areas of my life including financial. To analyse the reasons for my debt resulting from my business failure would take us into areas of irresponsible acts by various professionals ranging from bankers to accountants to solicitors to leasing agencies. I am willing to hold my hands up and admit to my naivety and many mistakes contributing to the failure of my business.

However, I am unable to follow the "audit trail" backwards for decisions to allocate responsibility and therefore justice to parties contributing to my predicament - how are these parties brought to justice, Mr Read?. Some bright spark in some office somewhere in the world at some moment came up with the idea of "sub prime" mortgages, automatically increasing credit card limits. Will these bright sparks ever be brought to justice?

These decisions were in my opinion were morally suspect to say the least (well, I would say that, wouldn't I!) and have contributed to the misery of millions.

And don't get me started on business gurus, investment bankers etc receiving millions for ruining companies, clicking a mouse to "move money" whilst nurses, doctors, firemen receive pennies for saving lives, working 25 hours a day.

Justice, Mr Read, implies fairness in society. If you think we live in a fair society, Mr Read, you must pass through mirrors everyday to live in Wonderland and attend tea parties.

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