Saturday, 10 April 2010

From Business Link to NHS Shrink: Pending Replies!

I have just emailed several UK business support agencies for their opinion about the post at "From Business Link to NHS Shrink".  I look forward to seeing how many reply and their responses. It should be interesting so watch this space.

With some of them having offered their services at some stage of my business, I thought that they may be interested in the issue that I hope to raise in relevant publications, blogs, letter pages etc over the next few weeks.

I still feel that business failure is an area which needs serious attention especially in the current climate and, having spoken to other business failures who have felt 'abandoned', I do not believe mine is a one-off 'sob story'. I hope to take my experiences and offer them positively both as 'worst-case scenario' advice for pre-start ups and as moral support for post-failures, two aspects of the business life-cycle that are sorely lacking, in my humble opinion.

More at "From Business Link to NHS Shrink"

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  1. So far only @DavidCoethica and @ShelHorowitz (follow them on twitter) have replied to my email. A vague promise to get back to me from the main UK business advice agency. Not looking promising but what did we expect. I will give them another week before giving my opinion.
    Watch this space