Friday, 30 September 2011

Shocking BBC interview with arrogant US trader

I had to reproduce the petition request below from after watching this shocking BBC interview with an arrogant US trader who offers no solution to potential economic problems other than "look out for number one". Attitudes from such "See U Next Tuesday"s will perpetuate the cycle of bank/speculator-driven misery we have seen over the last few years.

Surely time for another approach?  Here's the request in full - sign the petition here.

Europe: People vs. Banks

Right now, our jobs and services are under threat as speculators gamble and politicians squabble. But in four days Europe's finance ministers are poised to make drastic decisions that could threaten our economy for years to come. Only a mass public outcry now for a cooperative economic approach can protect our future.

Everyday we read headlines: 'Eurozone crisis, turmoil, grim outlook'. Now, some fear a return to the mass unemployment of the 1930s. And to appease the banks, our indebted governments are cutting social spending to save money, triggering riots and recession. But they know we elect them, so if we build a massive European movement now to defend our welfare states and end the cuts we could force them to change course.

Europe's finance ministers meet in Luxembourg on Monday. Let’s ensure our voices overwhelm the self-serving calls of the big banking lobbies. Join the urgent call for a new economic order, based on long-term, people-focused spending, and strong measures to tackle and regulate speculation and profiteering. We’ll deliver it to the finance ministers meeting next Monday. Sign now and circulate this campaign to everyone.

To European leaders:
As citizens concerned about the economic crisis and massive austerity cuts, we urge you to take bold action to save our economies. Europe must face down the banking lobbies, stop the cuts and urgently introduce the people-centred spending and regulation policies that will secure our future.
Sign now and circulate this campaign to everyone.

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