Monday, 10 October 2011

We The People - We all have an Occupation

The "Occupy" movement is certainly moving something and I just wanted to share some recent resources and links (with thanks to an old university friend, @jazzcatlesly)

OccupyBritain and 15th October
Details of various activist events around the UK, especially for the worldwide Occupations on 15th October

Why I agree and disagree with #Occupy Wall Street #ows
An interesting article from Brian Culkin: a senior consultant for the Open Mind Training Institute, consulting businesses and organizations around the world. He is also a yoga teacher and the owner of Jai Yoga, a small studio outside of Boston. Prior to his life as a Yogi and consultant he formerly played professional basketball in Europe and a had short career in finance.

globalrevolution on Livestream.
Global Revolution brings you live streaming video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world.

Howard Zinn: Civil Disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is Civil Obedience

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