Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ch, ch, ch, changes...Turn and face the strain

Part of the problem I have faced is knowing what to do next. With a zig-zagging work history in the years before setting up my business, I find myself not only facing the financial abyss but also a career abyss.

Besides making and waiting on phone calls for banks, creditors etc, I'm trying to find a way through to some sort of new start. Finding out how to sell myself is proving a challenge as I haven't got enough recent experience on the one hand but have too many years experience on the other. I'm currently trying to find a way of phrasing the fact that I'm prepared to start at the bottom of my previous career ladder to get back up to speed, as, until I can find the time and money to give myself the luxury of re-inventing myself, a route back into my previous career seems to be the only way to pay the rent,

InternsOver40 seems to reflect pretty much where I'm at although much of the material is aimed at those who have the resources to take some time. However, it does put out some good stuff for when I'm feeling in a positive mood.

In this Career Change Tips & Tricks video, the one tip that stuck out for me was to find 3 to 5 other people who have gone through a significant career change - hey, that sounds familiar! A career change buddy system!!

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