Monday, 12 October 2009

Options, Schmoptions!

The options for ending your business depend on available funds/assets/finances. The one I've taken is to strike off the company (s652 of the UK Companies Act) as that is sort of my only option. That's because neither the company nor I can acess the funds to put the company into the hands of professionals - accountants to do my accounts, insolvency practitioners to wind it up, etc. I'm having to take the chance on it not getting too serious and having my wrist figuratively slapped from the company aspect and then deciding whether I want to hand my life over to the Official Receiver in bankruptcy. The UK Citizens Advice Bureau are offering some help on both sides but it's dragging.

At a personal level, I'm looking at lots of options available to me (IT, tutoring, languages, music, internet marketing, running away, dropping out) but therein lies part of the problem - no real career or specialism so I'm finding it hard to get motivated with the waiting for the weight to really hit the fan from the bank and HMRC as well as having to jump through loops for the dole and housing/CT benefit because I was employed by my own company which owes me money - I've had to spend a lot of time dealing with that.

I don't necessarily have a problem taking responsibility for my mistakes but where I do have a problem is when organisations hide their responsibility behind their faceless-nature - try getting the name of the decision maker! Who is the actual person with the buck, taking responsibility for risky banking decisions, toxic debt and government practices which contribute to business failures. Small business may be the lifeblood of the country but I'm find myself moving towards the conspiracy theorists camp when it comes to New World Orders, "1984" etc - if I'd have taken serious notice of the Zeitgeist Movie and The Trap when I saw them a couple of years ago, again, I don't think I would have taken the chance on dealing with banks. My naive business model is an idealised co-operative/hippy thing which has little value (financial or otherwise) nowadays.

In short, I can't see any fun for a long time unless my Lotto numbers come up (when I can afford to buy the ticket)!

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