Monday, 19 October 2009

The Power of Crisis... but you still need a buddy

Over the last few weeks, I've become a great fan of Tony Robbins' material. It makes a lot of sense along with many other NLP-based personal development strategies etc. I've just listened to his Power of Crisis audio with great interest - it all makes sense and have felt motivated to try to take some action. But, even Tony admits that when you're down in a crisis, a friend, colleague, buddy can help - someone who has been through something similar to whatever you're going through.

"Crisis is the crucible of our lives - the blast furnace that often melts down life as we know it. It can take us, or can offer us the opportunity to recast our lives into something greater, deeper and more rewarding

Today, we're facing extremely challenging times: from the multi-trillion dollar loss in retirmement wealth that's left the stock market decimating people's life savings and the collapse of the real estate market with foreclosures at an all time high to the massive loss of jobs across the country. This distressing news offers us nothing more than fear. So where do we turn? How can we access the power of the human spirit to meet any obstacle and triumph over our greatest challenges, injustices and pain."

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